The Thunderbird team has resumed our monthly Community Office Hours sessions, and the most recent was an open forum Q&A that focused largely on K-9 Mail and Thunderbird for Android. We also answered some of your questions about Thunderbird for Desktop, including Exchange support (it's coming)! Here's a lightly edited version of that session for you to listen to.

If you have questions for us to answer in a future Office Hours sessions, just send an email to

00:00 Intro
02:00 Exchange Support for Android?
03:22 Add-ons For Android? 
06:30 Upgrade Path From K-9 Mail?
12:06 Android: CalDAV and CardDAV?
16:11 Mozilla Sync & Thunderbird for Android?
22:06 Exchange Support on Desktop?
24:35 Proper Threaded & Conversations View?
30:55 Full Sender Name Column?
33:03 What About Thunderbird Webmail?

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