ThunderCast #2: Mozilla's Mike Conley & The Retro Internet Retreat

ThunderCast #2: Mozilla's Mike Conley & The Retro Internet Retreat

Welcome back to the ThunderCast, the official podcast of Mozilla Thunderbird! In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome our first special guest: Mike Conley, Principal Software developer at Mozilla. Mike is a software mechanic, musician, livestreamer, and self-described "pre-internet phenomenon" among many other things.

We had a wonderful conversation about the early days of the internet, Mike's early work on Mozilla Messaging, and his current work on Firefox. He also gives us a peek behind the curtain of upcoming Picture-in-Picture features, and some fresh changes to Firefox's migration tools.

We also asked Mike about some of the more underrated features of Firefox. Plus, we get the community involved by asking you which Thunderbird features more people should know about.

Hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as we enjoyed recording it!

Finally, here are some of the links we mentioned:

1) uBlock Add-on for Thunderbird:
2) The Joy of Coding:
3) Neocities, making the internet fun again
4) Follow us on Mastodon: 

  • (01:54) - Intro
  • (01:55) - Mike's Origin Story
  • (13:03) - Fond memories of the early internet
  • (21:41) - MIke's work on Firefox (Part 1)
  • (23:35) - Firefox features more people should know about
  • (31:31) - More people should use Reader Mode
  • (36:15) - Thunderbird features more people should know about
  • (50:43) - Mike's shoutout to Thunderbird developers
  • (57:57) - Mike's work on Firefox (Part 2)
  • (01:16:48) - Closing comments
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Creators and Guests

Jason Evangelho
Jason Evangelho
Marketing Manager & Community Builder. Musician, vinyl junkie, and work-in-progress.
Ryan Lee Sipes
Ryan Lee Sipes
Product+BizDev Manager. I believe tech should be good for its users. I grow projects🚀. I'm a world traveler 🌎 & I ♥️ open source.
Mike Conley
Mike Conley
Mike is a Principal Software Developer at Mozilla where he works on making Firefox Desktop harder, better, faster and stronger. You can catch him livehacking on Firefox on Wednesdays at 1PM ET on AirMozilla, Twitch, YouTube and
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